Recorded Consultation Information For Patients

We would like to record consultations that you or your relatives have with your doctor.  This is solely for training, education and assessment purposes. The recording, processing and storage of the consultation will comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and is in line with guidance of the General Medical Council.

More information on how we will manage your data is available here:

You do not have to agree to your consultation with the doctor being recorded. If you do not want us to record the consultation, this is not a problem at all, and will not affect the care you receive in in any way. If you do give your consent, then you will have the opportunity to withdraw this at any time in the future, including immediately after the consultation.

Prior to your consultation we will send you a text or hand you a consent form. If you are happy for us to record your consultation, please confirm this by responding to your message with YES. If you do not wish to give consent that is fine, and all you need to do is respond with NO.

We may ask you to sign this form if you come in for a face to face consultation. Page 7 of this document please:

Thank you very much for your time, further information can be found below and by following this link:

Patients and recording

As a patient you have a right to expect that consultations will be devoted to your needs and expectations and that these will not be compromised by the needs of the profession. However, many patients are pleased to contribute to teaching, learning and assessment within medicine, and some may feel that it is their duty to do so even if the benefits will be to others rather than to themselves.

Telephone and video consultations are increasingly common in General Practice and, with patient consent, recordings may be used as part of formative education and training or summatively in assessments or examinations. During the COVID-19 Pandemic the only method of assessing if trainee GPs are ready to qualify is to observe consultations remotely.  Your help with this is enormously appreciated.

If you do agree to recordings of your consultation being used for training purposes, the care you receive should not be compromised by the fact of the recording or the purposes for which it will be used. You have a right to confidentiality, to be informed about what any recording of the consultation will be used for, who will listen to it, how and for how long it will be stored, and how it will be destroyed.

This information can be found here:

Consent for the recording of consultations should be obtained before and after the consultation.

Informed consent

Each consultation that is recorded must be done with the informed consent of the patient and there should be no coercion.

Informed consent must be sought before the consultation takes place, but it must also be confirmed after the consultation is over. Sometimes you may be distressed by the consultation and it may be difficult to broach the subject immediately. Equally the outcome of the consultation may sometimes lead to a patient ending a call abruptly in an angry or distressed state. Consultations such as these are often invaluable for teaching and learning, but this must not be allowed to override the rights of the patient to give informed consent to its use for these purposes.

If post-consultation consent is not obtained or is refused, any recording will be erased. If the proposed use of the consultation data changes from that for which original consent was given, then consent should be sought again.

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