How To: Order a Repeat Prescription

If you require prescriptions for regular and continuing treatment, it is not always necessary to see the doctor each time. Repeat prescriptions are computerised and the tear-off slip at the side will indicate the date your review is due. Give 2 full working days’ notice.

Order Repeat Prescriptions through the NHS App

This is the easiest and most reliable service to use. The NHS App is available to all our registered patients. Once registered you can order repeat prescriptions online.

Before you can access any of our online services you must register for them.

CLICK HERE for more information.

You can order in one of 5 ways – in all cases please tell us where you wish to collect your prescription from:

  • Use the NHS App to order the repeat prescriptions directly in your medical record. This service is available from 3.00am to 10.00pm (not available during server backup). The order will then go for authorisation to the GP and then to our clerks to print out during opening hours.
  • Tick the drugs required on the repeat prescription form (right hand side of your previous form) and leave at reception. Opening hours only, but can be posted through the surgery letterbox when the surgery is closed.
  • Telephone 01778 562200 Option 3 and you will be given two options. Choose option 1 to leave a message on the answering machine with your full name, address and telephone number along with details of the medication you require. Available 24 hours daily. If you have a query regarding your prescription choose option 2 and we will forward you to a receptionist to book a call back with our Repeat Prescription Team. Calls are made between 11.00am and 12.00pm and between 2.30pm and 3.30pm each day. Please be available to take the call during these times. (please use sparingly for genuine queries and not to order medicines as the clerk cannot process repeat prescriptions while dealing directly on the telephone).
  • Obtain a special request form from reception and write the full details of repeat medication required and your name, date of birth and address on it. Available during opening hours only
  • Post your repeat prescription form with required items ticked. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you wish the prescription to be sent to you. Postal service times need to be taken into account.

Please keep an eye on your review date – repeat prescriptions are not issued after the review date has expired.

Collecting your Repeat Prescriptions

At present you may collect your prescription from the following locations:

  • Dispensary (registered dispensing patients only)
  • Boots the Chemist in West Street, Bourne
  • Well Pharmacy in Exeter Street, Bourne
  • Tesco Pharmacy next to Elsea Park
  • Any Pharmacy of your choice via Electronic Prescription Service
  • Reception (prescription forms which you can take to the pharmacy of your choice)

Information on Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are drugs that your doctor has marked as “repeatable”.  Many prescriptions are “Acute” prescriptions and these are ONE-OFF courses.  However, some conditions require medication to be taken regularly for long periods of time (or permanently) and these are the sorts of drugs which would be put on  “Repeat”.

In order for repeat prescribing to be safe and as trouble free as possible, we have to stick to a few “rules”.  We do not allow repeat ordering of “Acute” prescriptions.  If you have been given an acute prescription and the problem has not resolved then you will need to see or speak with a clinician again as the medication may need to be changed.

A list of repeat prescriptions is printed out on the right hand side of the prescription form. The green side is the legal prescription; the white side is used by us to list your repeatable prescriptions. Keep this sheet for future reference. Always keep the latest one issued as this is the one that is up to date.

Underneath your repeat prescriptions is a “review date”.  This is the date that your doctor wants you to come back to the surgery for a review. Keep an eye on this date as it may change – for instance new evidence may emerge that requires us to change your medication.

If you are on medication for long term conditions your review date will probably fall around your birthday.

Please note that our staff will go by what is listed as repeatable in your medical records – this list may change for a host of reasons between issues of your medication.

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