The Galletly Practice Patients Group AGM

October 15th at 2.00pm The Baxter Room At Wake House

Going to visit the doctor in the good old days

  1. Go to surgery waiting room.
  2. Take next number from clip to control the order in which patients arrived.
  3. You are number 39.
  4. The next number called is 10. You have a long wait.
  5. After an hour the receptionist appears to tell you the doctor has been called out – you now have a longer wait.
  6. You wish you’d brought sandwiches.
  7. 4 Hours later you are seen by a doctor.

Visiting a doctor at the galletly today

  1. Call surgery reception. Request to talk with a doctor.
  2. A doctor will talk with you normally within an hour.
  3. If you need a consultation a doctor will see you at an appointed time.


Come and join us at the AGM! Get involved!
Find out who we are and what we are trying to do.