The Bourne Galletly Medical Practice awarded the Certificate of Excellence!

The UK’s best doctors and nurses revealed by iWantGreatCare the leading provider of healthcare reviews

iWantGreatCare awards the Certificate of Excellence 2020 to The Bourne Galletly Medical Practice for the 5th successive year.

Whilst some people review their hotels and holidays on TripAdvisor, millions of patients have chosen to review their healthcare. In fact, iWantGreatCare now shares over 5.7 million reviews making it the largest independent source of patient feedback in the world. Today, iWantGreatCare is awarding the Certificate of Excellence 2020 to those clinicians and practices who are most highly and consistently recommended by their patients.

This award is presented to leading clinicians, clinics and surgeries across the UK in recognition of the great care they deliver to their patients. Bourne Galletly Medical Practice Team and proud winners of the Certificate of Excellence 2020 said:

“iWantGreatCare is a unique way of understanding what patients really think about the treatment and care they receive. It gives all clinicians and healthcare providers the chance to listen to what patients are telling them and see how they can continue to improve. We love getting feedback from patients and really appreciate the fact that iWantGreatCare gives all our patients the opportunity to feedback anonymously.”

Jon Twinn, Managing Director of iWantGreatCare commented:

“Thank you to the thousands of patients across the UK who review their care every month. By highlighting excellent care and suggesting ways to improve services for the next patient, you are not only improving healthcare for all but reminding clinicians of the difference they make, every single day.”

I’m delighted to be awarding even more Certificates of Excellence this year than ever before. When patients see an iWantGreatCare Certificate of Excellence, they can be confident they will be receiving truly great care from one of the UK’s very best clinicians.”

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Certificate of Excellence Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Certificate of Excellence?

A: It is an annual award made to clinicians, clinics and surgeries who receive consistently outstanding patient feedback.

Q: How is the Certificate of Excellence awarded?

A: The Certificate of Excellence is awarded by iWantGreatCare, the world’s largest independent patient experience website. Recipients are those clinicians, clinics or surgeries who have achieved a certain volume of reviews and average star ratings.

Q: Who assesses applications and awards the Certificate of Excellence?

A: iWantGreatCare, based solely on patient ratings and reviews.

Q: How long is the Certificate of Excellence valid for?

A: One calendar year.

Q: What do clinicians, clinics and surgeries who are awarded the Certificate of Excellence get?

A: Clinicians, clinics and surgeries  have the Certificate of Excellence logo displayed on their iWantGreatCare profile page, a digital logo to display on their own website, within emails and on social media as well as the option of a physical certificate to display in their clinic or hospital.

Q: What do clinicians, clinics and surgeries hospitals who have a Certificate of Excellence say about it?

A: Clinicians, clinics and surgeries have shared a number of benefits:

  • Evidence that they are serving their patients well and improving lives.
  • That the certificate has helped with their career both in terms of management and colleague recognition, and also with new posts.
  • That the certificate has helped attract patients to their private practice.
  • That their Trusts and clinics used their success as a news story to promote excellence.
  • Third party and patient endorsement of their professionalism.