How do we communicate with you?

It is important to us that you know how we work to help you.

Here is a reminder of the various ways we will communicate changes to you:

  • Our Website
    Follow our current news section
  • Text Message
    We can now text information to you, send reminders about appointments and ask you to contact us instead of sending you a letter
  • Email
    We will email appointment reminders to you and hope to send information leaflets to you in the near future
  • Community magazines
    We regularly update you on changes
    in the practice and try to give health advice to our community
  • TV Screens and notice boards in the practice
  • Our social media pages
    Follow us on facebook @BourneGalletly or twitter @bourne_galletly for live updates and health promotion
  • Your repeat prescription
    Here you will find reminders of your review date and updates from us