Christmas Donations

We would like to appeal for your help and goodwill at Christmas by helping our elderly patients.

Did you know that 11% of elderly people have contact with their friends, family or neighbours less than once a month, 60% of people who report poor health say they often feel lonely. 450,000 people over 65 will spend Christmas alone this year?  We would like to remind our elderly patients that they are not alone.

We are working with our PPG to fundraise/collect gifts for 80 of our most vulnerable patients (most are over 90 years old and live alone). We plan to deliver a small gift to them before Christmas.

We will set up a donation basket at reception and would love you to consider dropping in a small gift if you feel able to. We will ensure that these gifts are delivered. If you don’t feel able to donate a gift, please consider writing a letter, or asking your children to make a card.

To give us to time to coordinate this we need to ask for donations to be made before 7th December please.

Please share our idea and help us to ensure as many people as possible have a happy Christmas.  Last year was a huge success and our recipients were delighted.

Thank you to our lovely patients, staff and PPG