New Patient Registration

12984033 s skopjeWe always welcome new patients to our practice and patients are free to consult with any of the 6 GP partners. Our practice covers an area which has a radius of approximately 5.5 miles from the centre of Bourne.

Newly registering patients are asked to fill in a medical history form and make an appointment to see their new doctor. They are given a practice booklet containing all the details about the surgery and the services we provide.

  • You can register by visiting our surgery during normal working hours. Please ask a receptionist for a registration form (GSM1) for each person that wishes to register.  If you have your medical card available please attach it to the form.  You may fill in the form straight away or take it home and return with it at a more convenient time.
  • Alternately, please DOWNLOAD A REGISTION FORM. You will still need to visit the surgery but it will save you time as you will have completed most details from the comfort of your home.
The form will ask you for personal details such as your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, previous address previous doctor and your e-mail address if you have one. This information helps us to quickly trace your medical records request them from your doctor.

Once you have completed and signed the form you will be automatically placed on the Practice list. Shortly after this, the Primary Care Trust will send you a new medical card for you to keep.

On the back of your registration form you are given an option to go on a central register as a donor.

If you need to see a doctor you are welcome to make an appointment at the time you register.

Your registration details will be stored electronically, which will speed up the appropriate administration processes. When you require an appointment in the future, this will enable the receptionist to action your request quickly and accurately.


Following your registration as a patient with our Practice we will allocate you a named accountable GP. This doctor will be responsible for your overall care at the practice and take lead responsibility for the coordination of all services at the practice providing your care. We refer to this as your "Usual" GP. If you have a preference for a particular doctor to be your usual GP, please discuss this with our reception staff and we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate your request. In the case of nursing homes all the patients ina particular home will be allocated to the same named accountable GP because it is easier for nursing home staff to liaise with just one GP at the Practice.


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