46978631 s przybyszDiabetes is a common, chronic condition affecting 2% of the population in the UK. It is caused by a shortage of insulin in the body, which results in difficulty controlling the level of sugar in the blood.  It can develop in different ways and at different ages. Treatment also varies from dietary control (avoiding/limiting certain types of food), to tablets or injections. However, whatever form diabetes takes, it is an important medical condition which should never be regarded as mild due to its potentially serious complications.

Now for the good news! With expert monitoring, treatment and appropriate self-help you can very effectively reduce the risk of serious complications. What's more, you can lead an active and normal life. In fact, with a little help from us and perseverance from you, you can actually become healthier with diabetes once it is under control.

Our aim is to help you to control your diabetes and to give you expert help and support to achieve this. Our practice nursing team take a keen interest in diabetes and is trained in its monitoring and care. We run special clinics for patients with diabetes, and an appointment may be booked via reception.

For more information on diabetes, visit the British Diabetic Association web site


Image © Robert Przybysz

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