Fit Notes

41697799 s guzhvaMed 3 (2010) Fit Notes - formerly known as sick notes can only be issued AFTER a consultation with a doctor or nurse. 

Most fit notes are issued for the amount of time that your doctor thinks you will need to be off from work.  If you remain too ill to work, you may require a further fit note.  In some cases a phased return to work or altered work environment may be appropriate.  You will usually be expected to contact your doctor and book a telephone or face to face (if appropriate) appointment to discuss your situation.

If the doctor has already agreed that an extension would be appropriate then we will need the following MINIMUM information:

  • Your full name and address
  • The date you want your fit note to start from
  • Your medical condition, which is on your current fit note
  • The duration for which you need it e.g.: one week

We will endeavour to process fit note requests within two working days although this is not always possible.

Photo © Vadim Guzhva

There is no longer such a thing as a "signing off note", you can return to work when your current fit note expires
Time off for Hospital Admissions and surgery: General Practitioners are no longer responsible for certifying sickness where patients are admitted to hospital.  Hospital Clinicians are now required to issue you with a fit note for the time that you were in hospital and for the amount of time they anticipate that you will remain too ill to work after discharge. Please ensure that you ask the hospital staff for a fit note if you require one.

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