Electronic Prescription Service 2

EPS 328x212 nhsWe use the NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS2). This enables prescribers to send prescriptions electronically to local or distant pharmacists - there is no longer a requirment for a paper prescription. There are a few exceptions which include controlled drug prescriptions which have to be on a paper prescription for now. Initially we will nominate the pharmacy where you have already told us you want to collect prescriptions from. You can change this easily by telling us that you wish to change your nominated pharmacy when your next prescription is due, or ask the person prescribing the medication before the medication is issued. You can nominate a separate supplier for stoma products.  Dispensary patients are not affected by this service.

Patients may be asked by pharmacists to sign up to this or any other service. If you do it is important to understand the implications FOR EXISTING DISPENSING PATIENTS - ie for patients receiving their medications from our dispensary. This does not apply to patients who live within a mile of a pharmacy as we are prevented by law from offering a service to these patients.

The EPS2 service will NOT include our GP dispensing services as Dispensing doctors have been EXCLUDED from the service for the moment. If you are a Dispensing Patient once you have signed up to ANY pharmacy service YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE BACK TO A GP DISPENSING SERVICE without making an application to the PCT which will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. So far ALL applications by patients to be returned to our GP dispensing service have been rejected.

If you currently use our dispensary DO NOT SIGN UP unless you are sure you never wish to use our dispensary services again as you will not be allowed to change your mind later. We will happily provide services to all eligible patients but choosing a commercial pharmacy service is a one way ticket.

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