PILs (Patient Information Leaflets)

We have a range of patient information leaflets available on many different topics. These can be obtained from reception or by asking the doctor or nurse. Alternately access them online HERE.

The topics covered are shown below

Contraception Immunisation Psychiatry
Drugs Infections Rheumatology
ENT General Medicine Skin Disorders
Eyes Neurology Surgery
Gastroenterology Obs. Gynae and Women's Problems  
Health Promotion Paediatrics  
This comprehensive range also includes names and contacts of Self Help Groups around the country.
If you need a leaflet on any of the following please contact the surgery
Accidents/Trauma Orthopaedic/Rheumatic Elderly Support
Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking Psychiatry/Behaviour General Medicine
Blindness/Visual Problems Skin Disorders Haematology/Immunity
Carers/Respite/Holidays Womens/Obs & Gynae/Fertility Neurology/Muscular
Disability/Disfigurement AIDS/HIV Paediatrics/Child Care
Gastroenterology Bereavement (Adult & Child) Relationships/Sexual Problems
Genetic/Syndromes Cancer/Leukemia Surgery/Genito-Urinary
Infections/STDs Deafness/ENT  

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